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Shinrone & Ettagh Union

A union of the parishes of Shinrone, Kilmurryely, Kilcomin and Ettagh

St Mary's Parish Church, Shinrone (1819)
Built on a medieval site

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Sunday worship is normally at 10.25am and takes the following monthly pattern:

1st Sun  Eucharist
2nd Sun  Morning Prayer
3rd Sun  Eucharist
4th Sun  Service of the Word (an 'All-Age' service - children are especially welcome!)
5th Sun at 11.00am  Group Eucharist as announced

All are welcome to join us!

St Mark's Parish Church, Ettagh (1831-1975)

Medieval St Mary's Church, Kilmurryely

Headache Stone, Kilmurryely

Medieval St Cuimin's Church, Kilcomin

Where to find us

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